Frequently asked questions

What is your usual turn around on drill from when you recieve Notes, Music, Mp3s?

Noe Gomez will send a complete movement in after 2 Weeks!

Are there in-person conslultations for out of state groups?

Yes! Noe can go over details in your initial conversation. Option: Noe will create a recording of himself giving information over a video of the latest rehearsal or show video of your group.

Are you comfortable writing for Large ensembles?

Yes! Noe has had the pleasure of writting for groups of all sizes.

Can you write for props?

Absolutely! Noe Gomez see's it as his specialty to incorporating props into the design.

Do you stage and design winter percussion/winterguard shows?

Yes! Noe loves each aspect of the activity and continue to immerse himself in each one!